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Will the insurance company spy on me with video surveillance?


Will the insurance company spy on me with video surveillance?

A.  Yes.  Insurance companies will sometimes use video surveillance in order to discredit people who claim to be injured in an accident.  Video surveillance happens much more often than we think.  If the insurance company thinks the claim is suspect or if the person is claiming significant injuries, the insurance company will hire a private investigator to follow the person around and take video of their activities of daily living.  Sometimes the investigator will be hired for a day or two.  Other times, the investigator will be hired for weeks to follow the person around and take video. Thinking about somebody following you around after an accident sounds creepy.  If you think that somebody is following you around, you should contact the police. 

There are a couple of other things that an injured person needs to know about video surveillance.  First, the insurance company will not tell you about the surveillance, and even you are represented by an attorney, you will not be able to see the video until after your deposition, and only if the insurance defense attorney is going to use the video at trial.  Second, if the video surveillance shows an inconsistency between your activities of daily living and what the injured person reports to their doctor(s), lawyer or during the litigation process, the person's credibility is destroyed and their case will be undercut. 

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