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Some People Believe Car Insurance Companies Are Malicious When Adjusting A Claim

Interviewer: Your explanation is different than what I've heard from other people. They believe the insurance company just wants to give you as little as possible and they're being malicious but you're saying they are not being malicious they are just following a process.

Guy S DiMartino: Generally, you are correct; but we do have to look at the facts of the individual case. If the facts of the case suggest the case is bad, the insurance company will dig in its heels and offer no or very little money. Can you blame the insurance company if the case is a dog? Why should the insurance company pay good money on a case that it believes it owes little or no money? For instance, if the car accident is a low speed rear impact accident with no damage to the car – the insurance company is going to treat that case a lot different then a case where the vehicle rolled over and the client received severe injuries.

Now don't get me wrong. On occasion, I have seen insurance companies take strange positions on cases where I believe they owed a whole bunch of money. Sometimes, the insurance adjuster is getting a different story from their insured. Other times, the insurance adjuster is just plain wrong in their analysis of the case. In my experience, insurance companies treat claims like a business, and like any business, they are going to try to make things work out to their advantage, which is one of the reasons that car accident victims need a lawyer to help them with these cases.

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