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Okahumpka Car Accident

No one leaves the house wanting to get in a car accident. You were driving westbound on County Road 470 in Okahumpka, Florida on your way to the Turnpike. The next thing you know, a pick-up truck T-bones your vehicle. You were pretty cut-up by shards of glass so you were taken to Leesburg Regional Medical Center by ambulance. You never spoke with the Lake County Deputy Sheriff. In the emergency room, the doctor cleaned up the glass, took x-rays, and released you with directions to follow-up with your family doctor. A few days later, you receive the police report and the statement by the other driver is not what happened. 

You were minding your own business, a guy comes out of nowhere and hits you, now you have to defend your actions. You did not ask to be put in this situation. Now your getting phone calls from insurance companies, your receiving medical bills in the mail, and the other insurance company is giving you the run-around, and you're hurting. You've had enough. You're thinking about hiring a lawyer. 

What can an Okahumpka Car Accident Lawyer Do For You? 

Okahumpka Florida County Road 470

If you hire a lawyer who is from the area and knows the area he or she will be able to inspect the accident scene, take witness statements, if necessary, and gather all the evidence that you will need to prove your case. More importantly, your lawyer will deal with the insurance companies, stop any harassing phone calls from medical bill collectors, and guide you through the maize of making a personal injury claim. Once you hire a lawyer, your only responsibility is following your doctor's advice and getting better. Your lawyer will take care of the rest.

Frequently asked questions after an Okahumpka Car Accident

  • How does Florida no-fault insurance work?
  • I do not own a vehicle, how do I qualify for Florida no-fault?
  • The doctor wants me to take two weeks off of work, can I get paid for my time off?
  • Will the insurance company give me a rental car?
  • The insurance company wants to give me less money than I owe on my car - is that legal?
  • If I make a claim through my own insurance company, will my insurance rates go up?

Getting Medical Care

Florida is a no-fault state, which means that if you own a vehicle that is insured or you live with a relative that owns a vehicle, you have up to $10,000 of insurance that can be used for medical expenses and lost wages. The catch is that you must seek medical attention within 14-days of the accident. If you go to the Doctor or Hospital on day 15, you do not have coverage. Don't delay. If you are experiencing any discomfort after a car accident, seek immediate medical attention because you could have something seriously wrong that is brewing under the surface.

If you have any questions about a Okahumpka, Florida car accident, call (352) 267-9168.  

What makes me Unique?

What distinguishes my firm from the many injury firms throughout the state is my background as a chiropractic physician treating injured patients for 17 years. This gives you the benefit of having someone fighting for you that understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your road to recovery.

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If you are my client, we are partners in your road to recovery. You will always have direct access to me to have your questions answered.