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Mascotte Car Crash

You were driving north on County Road 33 in Mascotte, Florida when a car pulled out of Underpass Road and crashed into your vehicle and took off. Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough, now you're concerned about finding the guy that ran off, getting your car fixed, and you getting your medical expenses paid. 

How do you go about making a claim when the other driver takes off? 

Mascotte car accident lawyer

Most Florida insurance policies define an uninsured motor vehicle as a "hit and run" vehicle. You need to take a look at your insurance policy, and see if you have purchased uninsured motorist, collision and rental coverages. If you have these insurance, you can manage your claim and get money for your injuries even without finding the other driver. However, if you do not have these coverages, hopefully the Lake County Sheriff's Department or Mascotte Police Department will find the culprit.

Assuming you have the insurance, you need to follow these steps:

Report Your Claim. Call your insurance company and open up a collision, medical and uninsured motorist claim. Your insurance company will ask you for the facts of the accident and a copy of the accident report if you have already received the report.

Collision Insurance: Your collision insurance will pay to get your car fixed or totaled. The problem is that any amount that is due to you will be decreased by your deductible. If we are able to locate the other driver and they are insured, we should be able to get your deductible back.

Rental Insurance: Will pay for your rental car according to the terms of the insurance. Typically, rental policies offer so much money per day, for a defined period of days or a set dollar amount.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Will pay you for your losses due to injury that is caused by the hit and run driver.

PIP/No-Fault: Will pay for your medical expenses up to the amount of coverage, which is usually $10,000.  PIP coverage has certain requirements.  First, you must see a doctor within 14 day so the accident to qualify for the insurance. Second, your PIP coverage is initially capped at $2,500 and will be increased to $10,000 if your records show that your injuries meet the requirements of an "emergency medical condition."  

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