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Injured in a Florida Motorcycle Accident – How do you get Your Medical Bills Paid?

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Dec 06, 2012 | 0 Comments

How do motorcyclists get their medical bills paid after a Florida motorcycle accident.

As a general rule, Florida motorcyclists are not required to purchase any insurance on their bikes.  If you did insure you bike, pull out your insurance policy and see what kind of coverage you have.  Some motorcycle insurance companies sell PIP or personal injury protection coverage on motorcycle policies.  If you have PIP, it will pay your medical bills up to $10,000.  If there is no PIP, the next questions is do you have health insurance?

Health Insurance will pay for your motorcycle related injuries. If there is no medical coverage available through your motorcycle policy, your health insurance must pay your hospital and doctors' bills.  Sometimes, health insurance companies act squirrelly but under almost all policies accident related benefits are available.  If your health insurance pays for your motorcycle accident related medical care and you receive recovery from the other party's insurance company, your health insurance carrier will be entitled to repayment for some or all of the medical expenses it paid.


If you are a Medicare beneficiary and there is no medical payment insurance on your bike, Medicare will pay your healthcare providers under the Medicare Secondary Payor Act.  Medicare will have a right of reimbursement if you receive compensation from the other driver's insurance company.  Once Medicare is involved in a case, the case will take a lot longer to resolve because of the Medicare issues.  If there are Medicare issues involved in your case, you will need to retain an attorney for your case because there are many pitfalls that need to be avoided.


If the medical bills are significant and/or catastrophic and there are no other insurances available, the hospital social worker will usually help the patient apply for Medicaid.  If the case resolves Medicaid is entitled to repayment.  The Medicaid lien and repayment issues can be complex and you will need an attorney to assist with your case.

No Available Insurance

If there are no means of insurance available, the injured motorcyclist will have to find a healthcare provider that will treat them and wait for potential payment at the end of the case.  This is very difficult for the motorcyclist to do on their own.  Sometimes the motorcyclist's attorney can assist the client in getting the appropriate medical care for their injuries.

Florida motorcycle law can be complex.  There is no need to go through these issues alone.  If you would like to discuss your Florida motorcycle injury claim, give me a call at (352) 267-9168 or request a copy of my free book: A Victim's Guide to Florida Motorcycle Injury Claims by filling out the contact box on the right side of the screen.

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