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How do you find the best attorney for your Central Florida pedestrian accident claim?

There are many good attorneys in Central Florida who can handle your pedestrian accident claim. The key to finding the right attorney for you, is finding someone who you like and who resonates with you. For instance, if you are a client that needs to be contacted every week with an update, and that is not something that really works for the lawyer, even though the lawyer is doing a great job for you - you will not be satisfied with your representation.

What I wouldn't recommend is hiring a lawyer based on a billboard that says so and so got me a "million bucks." Let me share a secret with you - Insurance companies do not open up their checkbooks and write checks for a million bucks unless the person is seriously and permanently injured. Another thing the billboard doesn't tell you is how much was the case actually worth. If the settlement was for a million bucks and the case was actually worth two million bucks, did the lawyer do a good job?

In the end, you probably want to speak with the lawyer and get a feel for his/her style, in my experience that is one of the most important ways to find the best lawyer for you.

What makes me Unique?

What distinguishes my firm from the many injury firms throughout the state is my background as a chiropractic physician treating injured patients for 17 years. This gives you the benefit of having someone fighting for you that understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your road to recovery.

We are Partners

If you are my client, we are partners in your road to recovery. You will always have direct access to me to have your questions answered.