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Q. Do You Need a Lawyer to Settle Your Florida Car Accident Claim?

A.  You do not need an attorney for every small injury case. Sometimes, you may be better off not hiring an attorney, and you may even have trouble finding a reputable lawyer if your injuries are minor or resolved after a couple of months. This is because in cases where there is a little damage to the car, the injuries are minor and/or medical bills are less than a few thousand dollars, the attorney's fees and costs might leave little or nothing for the client after paying outstanding medical expenses. In my experience, you may receive just as good a settlement if you handle your own case. Even if the offer is a couple of hundred dollars less, you may still receive more money in your pocket in the end.  

There is a caveat to this approach.  Many times, people injured in car accidents to not know the nature and extent of their injuries initially.  Sometimes, a person may think they have a minor injury to their neck or back, and when it doesn't heal up in a few weeks, they learn that the problem in much more severe than initially thought. 

It's always better to be safe than sorry.  When you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention first and then get a legal consultation.  You do not have to hire the lawyer, but you will learn your rights and equip yourself with valuable information.  My best advice to a person injured in an automobile accident is to at least talk to an attorney.  Your friends' and family's advice just will not do. Most Florida car accident attorneys will provide an initial consultation for free.  Additionally, anything that you say to the attorney will be protected under the attorney/client privilege whether you hire the lawyer or not. 

If you have any questions about a Leesburg Florida car accident claim, you can always give me a call at (352) 267-9168 whether you hire me or not!

What makes me Unique?

What distinguishes my firm from the many injury firms throughout the state is my background as a chiropractic physician treating injured patients for 17 years. This gives you the benefit of having someone fighting for you that understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your road to recovery.

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If you are my client, we are partners in your road to recovery. You will always have direct access to me to have your questions answered.