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Can I represent myself in a Florida car accident lawsuit?

A.  Yes.  You can represent yourself in a Florida car accident lawsuit.  Before doing so, you should probably read my free book explaining the Florida car accident claim and lawsuit processes.  Further, you may know the old saying that a person who represents his or herself in a lawsuit has a fool for a client.  This is because when you have been injured the claim is personal to you  and because of the personal nature, you may lose your objectivity.

If you are going to represent yourself in a car accident lawsuit, you will need to learn the basic court rules, basic evidence and how to present your medical testimony to a judge or jury.

If you have any questions about a Florida car accident lawsuit, contact Dr. Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD at (352) 267-9168 or fill out the Internet consultation form.

What makes me Unique?

What distinguishes my firm from the many injury firms throughout the state is my background as a chiropractic physician treating injured patients for 17 years. This gives you the benefit of having someone fighting for you that understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your road to recovery.

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If you are my client, we are partners in your road to recovery. You will always have direct access to me to have your questions answered.