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3 Tips to Help Keep Your Loved One Safe in a Florida Nursing Home or Rehab Facility.

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Apr 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Leesburg Florida nursing home lawyer provides 3 tips to help keep your loved one safe in a Florida nursing home.

Your loved one's doctor just told you that they have to go into a nursing home for either long term care or short term rehab, you may have a number of questions:

  • Is the nursing home safe?
  • Will my loved one get good care?
  • Are there things that I can do to make sure my loved one is safe?

Today, I will give you 3 tips to help keep your loved one safe:

1.  Check out the state survey regarding the facility

Check out this link .  It will take you to the Agency For Healthcare Administration's geographical search.  Click on the zone and search for the name of the nursing home.  You will be able to see the survey information and deficiencies related to the facility.

2. Check out your local clerk of court website

All Florida courts are now online.  Go to the clerk of the court website in the county where the nursing home is located.  Go the civil case search and put in the name of the nursing home and see if it has been sued for abuse.

3. Don't leave your family member or loved one for a deposit

You have to be an active participant in your loved one's care.  You should visit or check-in frequently.  Speak with the staff.  Speak with your loved one about the care he/she is receiving.  Check your loved one's skin for bruising, breakdown and/or tearing.

It can be scary placing your loved one in a nursing home or rehab facility.  The tips set out above will help you with your due diligence in picking a facility.  If you have any questions about a nursing home facility, you can call me directly on my cell phone at (352) 267-9168 or fill out the internet consultation form on the right.

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